Horsebox Trailer Services

Horsebox Trailer Services

Horsebox Trailer Service requirements, Our NTTA trained technicians are always on hand to provide assistance and perform regular "on the go" repairs in between services, you can call us on 07554 019587 . We are highly skilled in all areas from electrical and mechanical repairs, we also do welding and fabrication work.

Keeping your trailer serviced and maintained regularly will not only save you money but will ensure the safety of you, your horse or livestock and other road users.

There is no excuses for not having your horsebox serviced, business or domestic users alike, it is essential to maintain your trailer to the same standard as you would your car or van. You can guaranty that the police or VOSA won’t accept excuses. Our service area includes Lincolnshire Leicestershire Nottinghamshire and Rutland areas, we operate a mobile service and a collection of your trailer , a full 38 point safety service and return your trailer to your premises on completion.

Horsebox Trailer Services, Our 38 Point Fit For The Road Service includes

Chassis and Under gear

Underside floor condition . Chassis condition. Wheel alignment . Underfloor fixings . Chassis attachment. Draw bar condition . Axle/Leaf spring condition

Vehicle Road lighting & Electrics

Side lights . Brake lights . Reverse lights . Number plate lights . Hazard lights . Indicating lights . Roof mounted lights . Fog lights . Road markers . Under floor wiring condition . 7/13 ping plug condition. Lighting lens condition. internal 12v electrics and lighting

Running Gear

Jockey wheel operation . Brake cable condition . Hitch and coupling condition . Tyre condition . Tyre pressure check . Damper condition . Hand brake condition

Brakes . Hubs and Bearings

Brake Shoe condition / Alignment . Hub and back plate condition. Bearings and Seals condition and replacement . Locking axle nut replacement . Hub cap collection . Wheel nut condition. Brake and pad condition and replacement . Brake rod and cable condition

Body . Doors . Floor

Hydraulic rams . Door springs and fittings . Door hinge and locks . side panel and extrusion condition . roof and body condition . panel dampness and leaking

Internal fixtures and fittings

Furniture seating attachment . kitchen and worktops . Internal flooring and carpets . Shelving and cupboards . steps and bannisters

240V electrical certification

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Horsebox Trailer Services

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