Advertising Trailers For Sale

Advertising Trailers For  Sale

Advertising trailers give your organisation the ability to promote information to a specific demographic at locations of your choice, Our range of Advertising trailers are perfect for static promotional campaigns, parked on private property and used for long or short term which is an advantage due to the fact they are not manned they can be left in-situ all day and night so extending the duration and exposure of the advertising campaign.

They present maximum impact at minimum cost, and can be used to announce new store openings, change of address, product launches, special events and exhibitions throughout the UK, sizes range from 10x8 to 18x8 adverts, which are printed on reusable outdoor mesh style banners.

“People will see it and will read it “

Our drivers will put Your message where YOU want it, when YOU want it, or We can follow a designated route of your design or just follow the crowd.

Advertising Trailers For Sale

Sizes from 10 to 20 ft body length with a choice of square frame with all around printed reusable weather proofbanners, or a traditional solid sloped side’s design for printed materials